Chinese Translation Services & American Influence on Culture

Chinese Translation Services & American Influence on Culture
Chinese Translation Services & American Influence on Culture

When China opened its doors to foreign trade a few decades ago, it also opened its culture to American influences. As goods and services began to travel across the world, so did thoughts, food, entertainment and clothing. Of course, these influences would not be understood without the use of Chinese translation services. Without the use of such services, business wouldn’t be booming, and cultures wouldn’t be blending as they are today.

American Take Over or Cultural Blending?

A PBS podcast highlights the different American influences on Chinese culture through interviews with everyday citizens, professors, businessmen and even a rock star. Much of America’s culture first spread through fast food restaurants in China. Chains like KFC, McDonalds and Taco Bell began establishing themselves in the country, leading the way for clothing companies like Nike and Adidas. As noted in another article, the Internet is the largest and fastest disseminator of American culture, and has grown in popularity within the past decade. Through the Internet, Chinese citizens have been able to consume as much as they want regarding American music, clothes, pop culture, government, social norms and more.

Some people within the Chinese government fear an American takeover of Chinese culture. There have been government regulations over television shows that mirror American programs like The Bachelor, and social media platforms like Twitter. But many local citizens argue that there’s no need for such strict guidelines because Chinese culture won’t be replaced, merely blended. For example, KFC restaurants in China feature menu items like a Fried Shrimp Burger, Double Sichuan Spicy Chicken Burger, Curry Pork Chop with Rice and much more that won’t be found in the U.S. Music is also a blend of both cultures; many Chinese artists draw inspiration from American bands, but then add their own, unique Chinese sound, creating a brand-new style that’s popular in China. American social media products like memes and gifs have also become entertainment that’s totally unique to Chinese culture.

Chinese Translation Services Bridge the Gap

While opinions may differ on what to let into the country and what to keep out, one thing is certain: Chinese translation services opens the door for communication. Whether its translating documents for business purposes or translating music, movies and online clothing descriptions, American and Chinese companies need access to a dependable Chinese translation services provider like ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. At ASTA-USA, we’ve spent nearly 30 years perfecting our business model to provide the fastest, most accurate and reliable document translation services in the industry. Our accredited translators are native speakers of whatever Chinese dialect is needed. In fact, our global network of translators consists of native speakers of over 65 languages and dialects. However, they are not only translation experts; our document translators also have business experience, allowing them to have a complete understanding of the language and subject matter at hand. Whether its corporate business, trade, education, legal, finance or medical, ASTA-USA is prepared to translate for almost any industry.

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