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Coronavirus Language Translation Services

Disruption of Business as Usual

Are your employees, your audience, your colleagues and customers clear about your new policies and operations?

In February 2020 ASTA-USA put in place a Coronavirus emergency translation services taskforce to provide on-going communication support to America’s governments, large and small companies and organizations.

During these challenging times, it is imperative for businesses, government, and organizations to communicate their policies and messages to all groups in a language that is familiar to them. Messages and policies that are not clearly understood by users, employees and the public in general can lead to confusion and complications.

Coronavirus may be presenting a new challenge to all businesses, governments and industries but ASTA-USA has long been prepared to face these types of challenges. Our translation and transcreation crisis response procedures have been polished and tested since 1987. Our rapid-response translation methodology is a proprietary process that was created to leverage the work of highly skilled and certified linguists within an operational framework that underscores speed, accuracy, and technical expertise.

As America’s most efficient and most reliable translation service provider, ASTA-USA has a long history of managing crucial translation assignments in multiple languages for all industries. We understand international and intercultural communications. We know it is increasingly important to you.

Our translators are accredited by the world’s leading organizations, and they have industry specific knowledge. You can trust that your translated materials as well as critical communications will be translated accurately and promptly.

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