Digital Translation Services

Digital Translation Services in an Ever-Increasing Digital World

In an ever-increasing digital world, some things are better when left in the hands of humans. International business translations is one of those things. ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. utilizes the best and the brightest native-speaking translators for your important business document translation projects. They don’t have to rely on digital translation technology to translate your documents from Spanish to English, or any other language combination. Their experience and human touch guarantee accuracy that is impossible to get with digital translation services tools.

The digitalization of our world has transformed almost all aspects of life; first and foremost the way we communicate. We text, we chat, we skype, we facetime, and not one day passes without the release of a new app for our smartphones and tablets that makes it easier and often more cost-effective to talk to people all over globe (have you tried Viber, Whatsapp, Talkatone?).

This past week, Microsoft unveiled its new universal translator, seemingly bringing digital translation to new heights by making the computer interpret for you into a foreign language in your own voice. Just like communication apps and gadgets, machine translation tools have been springing up regularly for the last two decades. Whether we use Google, Bing or Facebook, the translation feature is everywhere. A special smartphone translation app was even developed for the Olympics in London this summer, which contained extensive sports-related vocabulary to enhance accuracy—or rather, the chance of accuracy, because how accurate and useful are these tools really?

Truth is, if you are going to ask for directions or are trying to order Assiette gourmande au foie gras de canard en sucré-salé in a fancy Paris restaurant, an app on your phone would and probably will be helpful. But if you are in a business meeting or if you have to review or create foreign-language legal contracts for partner companies in Europe or Asia, you will be left high and dry even with the latest digital translation tool. It will be a long time before algorithms can reproduce the complexities of human language, if ever. Until then, professional (human) translators are the best and only choice for professional translations, and while they occasionally work with some computer assistance (CAT – computer assisted translation – tools provide a virtual memory useful in projects with much repetitions such as technical manuals), their expertise, competence and experience is unmatched by digital translations of any kind.