E-Learning Translation Services

E-Learning Translation Services

Now, ASTA-USA has a specialist division that deals with e-learning translation services. From pre-school to adult education, learning for fun and self-development, to vocational courses and continuing professional development, we can translate any course.

You see, once your course is translated into a new language, you open up a whole new market. You have already put the hard work in to creating the course. The elements of the course itself do not change (apart from, perhaps, some cultural elements—which we will gladly help you take care of). The learning itself remains the same. What we mean is, to take a very simplistic example is, if your course is teaching kids how to count, five eggs are still five eggs—except in Spanish, they will be cinco huevos!

With your teaching methodologies established and the actual content of the course laid down, to expand your markets, all you need to do is translate the content of the course and all the ancillary materials that surround it. And then promote it, of course!

Why entrust your e-learning translation services to ASTA-USA?

At ASTA-USA, we have some 13,000 expert, accredited linguists and translators working for us in total—and that includes 700 paid, full-time staffers. They are all tried, tested and trusted. That means:

The translators we will use when you partner for us for e-learning translation services think as well as translate…

In order to keep track of so many translators, all across the world, ASTA-USA has developed a detailed database so we can find who you need incredibly quickly. Naturally, we can search by which languages in which they are expert. That much is a given. But when we say fluent, we mean they are usually native in either the source or the target language (native in one). But they will also hold a Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent) in the other. So grammar, construction, nuance, idiom and even colloquial turn-of-phrase are all preserved immaculately.

As we are sure you will appreciate, there are certain phrases that do not directly translate. For example, when in English we say, “He had a right nerve to do such and such…” in Spanish it is: “To do such and such, he had a big face.” Because they are native in either source or target language, the linguists we use for e-learning translation services will pick up on such idiosyncrasies of language innately. Automatically, in fact.

Not just translators—our linguists are familiar with teaching techniques as well…

The other thing our far-reaching and comprehensive database tells us is the industry, sector or academic background that the prospective translator possesses. In the case of e-learning translation services, we will be looking for individuals who have a teaching background. More than that, if your course is about accountancy, we will be looking for translators who have an accountancy background and have also written or translated course materials. The same goes for psychology. Or photography. Or motor mechanics.

So whatever subject your course covers, we have got you covered. Eloquently and expertly.

Accurate e-learning translations, swiftly delivered, with flawless service to match…

At ASTA-USA, we work literally around the clock. We actually make time zone differences work to our benefit — and yours.

To take another simplistic example, imagine you want to expand the reach of your foundation course in human behavioral psychology translated into Spanish. The course already exists, page by page, module by module, in American English.

Here is an idea of how it could work:

You call us on 1-866-446-1860

You will be allocated a personal account manager, based on your e-learning translation services requirements

They will give you a FAST and FREE quotation based on the project

Once you are ready, you send us the materials that need to be translated into Spanish

Then the starting pistol is fired. We rapidly allocate the suitably qualified linguists with native Spanish AND teaching or course materials production experience AND a background in human behavioral psychology. (This sounds like a tall order, but with the sheer immense size and quality of the ASTA-USA database of staff and contract translators, this can be done quickly.)

As and when our local Spanish translators complete sections of your e-learning translation project, they will pass it effectively backwards in time to their equally qualified counterparts in Spain for checking. Spain is six hours ahead of United States Eastern Standard Time.

The content will be checked and sent to the original translators who then DOUBLE CHECK their own work, and any highlighted corrections and suggestions against it. Completing its journey, the bundles of work are all forwarded on to your account manager (to whom you spoke in the first place). They will check everything has been completed and nothing has been missed out before forwarding it back to you.

And that is a good example of how ASTA-USA.

For e-learning translation services, ASTA-USA is top of the class

For translators who can think as well as translate, who are experts in both the subject and are familiar with remote learning methodologies… For a level of service that is unsurpassed… 

For an e-learning translation services provider that truly understands that one of the first rules of teaching is to make the content of the lessons both interesting and relevant

Come direct to ASTA-USA. Contact us here.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to work with us!

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