Energy & Utility Translation Services

Energy and Utility Translation Services

ASTA-USA has been providing professional, accredited and/or certified energy and utility translation services since 1987. Our hand-picked, degree-educated bilingual specialists are also experienced in the particular energy or utility sector for which they are translating.

That means, if you need an electricity translation service, the individuals who carry out your translation projects will have direct expertise in the field of electricity distribution and management. They will understand the special vernacular that your business uses every day — and how to translate it effectively and speedily into or from a foreign language.

The same is true with oil and gas translations, water translations and environmental translations.

If you need your communications to speak the language of the consumer… ASTA-USA’s energy and utility translation services will let you do just that…

According to a recent report by The Migration Policy Institute based in Washington DC, 22 per cent of United States citizens do not have English as a first language. Furthermore, 44 million Americans today were actually born overseas. That’s getting on for one fifth of the United States population—and they all use energy and utilities. What’s more, the data from the Migration Policy Institute’s study shows that, rather than gravitating to a few distinct cities and states, immigrants are now tending to disperse all over the USA.

Wherever they are located, naturally, you need to communicate with them with information such as changes to the amount on their regular bills… You’ll want to let them know about special offers or promotions such as combination deals… Or how they can recommend their friends to take on your supply.

ASTA-USA and its specialist energy and utility translation service is here to help. 

At ASTA-USA energy and utility translation services, we understand the culture of the consumer

Communicating with your customers is not all about purely translating what has been written in the original language. But at ASTA-USA, our team of 700 staff linguists and global roster of 12,700 skilled, professional freelancers will be:

  • Native speaking in either the source or target language, having lived and worked in the country in which the language is spoken
  • Typically bachelor’s degree educated in the alternate language
  • As we said above, familiar with the technicalities of your particular area of energy distribution and management—or the utility that you provide

As you are probably aware, the cultural knowledge of translation is vitally important because there are differences in how one would ask someone to do something, for example.

Our translators’ technical knowledge of energy and utilities is valuable within the industry, as well

We completely understand that such a highly complex industry, like many others, is full of technical detail. Our specialist energy and utilities translators are fully capable of carrying out:

  • Procedural document translations
  • Technical and product manual translations
  • Brochure translations
  • Specification translations
  • Federal, State and Local directive translations
  • Internal document translations
  • Promotional translations
  • Installation direction translations
  • Contracts translations
  • Technical equipment manual translations
  • Training materials translations
  • Standards document translations
  • Certificate translations
  • Notices translations
  • Competitive information translations
  • Technical diagram translations
  • Financial statements translations

So, when your organization needs to really connect with external suppliers, partners, contractors or government, in virtually any language, ASTA-USA is always ready to assist. What’s more, if you receive technical or commercial documents in a language other than English, we can translate the information for you so everyone can understand it readily.

Your project’s speedy journey, from receipt of original to delivery of professional and accurate translated content

At ASTA-USA our certified or accredited translators work around the world—and around the clock. We actually use time zone differences around the globe to our advantage to pass back your expertly translated content as efficiently as possible. Here is how it works:

1. Personal service with a single point of contact, every time

Whether a single document or a whole, bulky suite of information, you will be assigned an experienced account director and project manager to ensure your translation reaches you to the agreed deadline and, of course, accurately.

2. Translators experienced in the field of energy and utility provision

With energy and utility translations, we will draw on our global network of professional linguists, hand-picking translators who we already know have experience in the energy and utility sectors. So, whilst it goes without saying that your translator will be fully fluent in the source and target languages, an ASTA-USA translator working within the old and gas sector will know their upstream from their downstream!

3. Checked, re-checked and questioned where necessary

It is an impeccably thorough service, with unmatched accuracy. Once translated content has been drafted by the principle translator, it will be passed on to another equally qualified linguist for checking. Every technical term, every cultural nuance. Any points of contention will be ratified and ironed out, consulting yet another subject matter expert if necessary. For particularly complex translations, we will work with your internal contact to confirm any issues.

The result? Even complicated translations reach you clean and without errors.

Discover the smooth, accurate, and rapid energy and utility translation service today, at ASTA-USA.

For nearly 35 years, we have been providing translation services for energy and utility companies like yours. We are the most trusted energy and utility translation services provider in the United States.

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