Financial translation services

Financial Services Translation

At ASTA-USA, we have been providing financial services translation services for over thirty years. The financial services industry is one of the most prolific communicators at both corporate financial services and personal financial services levels. Our accredited translators can help you take advantage of both the non-English-speaking home market in the United States—and we can help you capitalize on new markets overseas as well.

What kind of financial documentation does ASTA-USA translate?

ASTA-USA’s accredited linguists are not only professional translators. The people we carefully select for your translation project will also have direct experience from within the financial services industry itself—and its sub-sectors: checking accounts, mortgages, savings, loans…

Like most specific areas of business, financial services comes with its own vernacular; its own characteristic technical expressions. Some might prefer to call it jargon (although we find that a little derogatory). Translators from the ASTA-USA stable are able to get to grips with your translation project because, quite frankly, they already know what they are talking about in both the source and target languages—in this case, financial services translations.

ASTA-USA translators are fluent in finance too. Here are just some of the recent projects we have carried out for big banking brands and corporate financial services providers in the United States.

Personal financial services…

  • Checking account translations
  • Savings account translations
  • Mortgage translations
  • Loan translations
  • Pension translations
  • Credit card translations
  • Terms and conditions translations
  • Policy wording translations
  • Insurance policy translations

Corporate financial services…

  • Business development loan translations
  • Business bank account translations
  • Audit translations
  • Accounts translations
  • Annual report translations
  • Initial Public Offering translations
  • Rights Issue translations
  • Stock information translations

In short, whether consumer- or business-facing, our translators speak the language of money—as well as, obviously, the source and target languages.

Your financially qualified translators will be selected based on their work—as well as their language— experience: here is how we do it.

On our database, we have around 13,000 expert, professional and accredited translators. About 700 of them work directly for ASTA-USA as employees, and some 12,300 are tried, tested and trusted freelancers, many of whom have been with us for literally decades.

Our substantial database contains obvious general information such as their contact details and current location but also their specific areas of expertise.

So imagine you run a metals company and you need an annual report translated from Latin American Spanish (the language your mining operations people speak) to Swiss German (the language your bankers in Zurich speak).

Allow us to introduce your ideal lead financial services translator, Mercedes Otto. From the information we hold on her, we can see she was born in Argentina, went to Freie Universität in Berlin to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Accounting with German, and is currently located in Geneva where both Swiss French and Swiss German is spoken. She joined ASTA-USA as a part-time translator in 1997, has completed 314 projects totaling 75,000 words. From the ‘notes’ section in the record, we can see she has also worked on sundry projects to do with metals and minerals—probably because of her Latin American connections.

And that is roughly how your dedicated ASTA-USA project manager (typically your single point of contact for the duration of your current project and beyond) will select a lead translator. Could this be a lucky break? No! We have so many translators in so many locations with so many languages and fields of real, live experience, we can find provide a financial services translation service to suit your precise requirements. And we can do it fast.

No other financial services translation provider can provide such close matches to specific projects so swiftly and precisely.

Confidentiality is key: we have the systems in place to ensure your financial translations are safe.

Until publication, whether it’s financial services product information or confidential company announcements, we take confidentiality very seriously indeed. After all, anything to do with financial services is sensitive.

At ASTA-USA we are trusted with personal financial information, corporate financial information for translation daily. We have the necessary systems in processes in place to ensure your confidential financial information for translation stays secret.

Time is money; money is time—but so is accuracy… How ASTA-USA manages to provide such fast and precise translation for financial services

As you would expect, our translators are based all over the world. And we work that to our advantage. Once a draft of your financial services translation is complete in one timezone, it goes to be checked by an equally qualified linguist in a timezone that gives us an advantage: that is to say, we try to work by sending drafts backwards in time, so something is always being worked on.

In this way, your translation leapfrogs its way around the globe being checked and appended where necessary before finally landing back with your ASTA-USA project manager for final content checking.

Our service is second to none; our accuracy is unsurpassed. Trust ASTA-USA with your financial services translation project today.

Financial services organizations across the United States entrust their vital financial services information translations to ASTA-USA. Not only do our translators possess the linguistic prowess required, typically being native speaking in either the source or target language, but they have direct financial services industry experience as well.

Contact us without delay. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to work with us.