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Palm Bay Translation Services

ASTA-USA is proud to provide Palm Bay translation services in Florida. We are here to help the business community of Palm Bay communicate with their overseas clients, customers, suppliers and remote offices without the language of written communication becoming a barrier.

ASTA-USA has been in the business of translation since 1987, serving companies and organizations in cities in every state of America. The short way of putting our proposition is: we offer Palm Bay translation services with superb accuracy and precision, an unmatched level of client service, and we deliver on time or ahead of schedule. We will go into more detail about our rigorous procedures below, but here is what we have discovered about Palm Bay.

Why Palm Bay translation services are of value to the business community

Palm Bay is a thriving city in Florida with a population of over 116,000. The climate is warm all around the year with average highs of 82°F. The steady warm temperatures, however, do nothing to inhibit Palm Bay’s busy and growing business output.

Apart from City and civil services, healthcare and education, Palm Bay exhibits a very healthy manufacturing and production environment.

Some of Palm Bay’s biggest and most notable employers are:

  • L3 Harris Technologies, aerospace
  • Pratt & Whitney, aerospace engineering
  • Florida Crystals Corporation, agriculture
  • U.S. Sugar, agriculture
  • Cheney Brothers, food distribution
  • TBC Corporation, tires
  • Johnson Controls, security systems
  • IBM Corp, computers, electronics
  • Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky, aerospace and helicopters
  • Aerojet Rocketdyne, aerospace engineering

These important international businesses are exactly the kind that will benefit from the provision of ASTA-USA’s Palm Bay translation services.

And away from the noise of industry? What does Palm Bay have to offer?

Being on the east side of Florida, visitors will never be far away from the most amazing beaches the world has to offer. But there is more to Palm Bay for visitors than only sun, sea and sand.

Visit the Andretti Thrill Park for a day out of kart racing, rides, sensory experiences including the ‘7D Experience’, and laser shooting. For something not quite so energetic, the Archie Carr Natural Wildlife Refuge allows you to get close to loggerhead and green sea turtles. And for a true escape, visitors might like to try the Escape Rooms where you have to solve a series of puzzles in order to leave the room.

How ASTA-USA’s Palm Bay translation services can help the region’s businesses

We mentioned above that the pillars of our success can be attributed to accuracy, service and speed. But how do we substantiate that?

Unparalleled attention to detail and accuracy:

Typically, native speakers will be assigned to your translation task. So, for example, if a business document is in English and you need it in German, the accredited translator will be native speaking in either English or German, and educated to degree level in the other language. Secondly, we have an internal process we have titled ExAct™. That means every word of every document we translate will be double checked by an equally qualified linguist before being passed back to the originator. They will then check the corrections.

Rapid response, delivery to deadline:

When we receive your inquiry, one of our dedicated account managers will be back to you within minutes. Thanks to our 700 permanent full-time staff and 12,300 trusted contractors, we can assign a translator, or team of translators depending on the size and complexity of your project almost instantly. What is more, we will typically deploy linguists with professional experience in your line of business. In this way, they are already familiar with the technicalities and vernacular, as well as the nuances and turns of phrase of the language itself.

And enhancing our ability deliver your translations quickly…

Again, because of our size and global reach (our translators are based all over the world), we can actually make time zones work to our advantage. When draft of a translation is complete during our normal business hours, it will often be dispatched to another translator in a different time zone so they can apply any corrections required during ‘our’ overnight.

That is how ASTA-USA can provide Palm Bay translation services with accuracy, service and speed.

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