Professional Translation Teams at Work

ASTA-USA Professional Translation Teams at Work

ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. goes above and beyond the unreliable, often-flawed technology-derived translations that many people use. Our team of native-speaking human translators draw from cultural insight, career experience and our innovative proofreading method to ensure that your business document translation experience is error-free every time.

The tremendous advantage of translation teams

While the translation profession is traditionally a rather lonely one, evolving technologies have created a new team spirit among multilingual mavericks. Thanks to the likes of Skype, MSN Messenger and other web chats, virtual exchanges abound. Queries among colleagues have become an established part of dedicated forums built around online dictionaries and translation job listing sites. When a professional translator has questions about a specific term or expression, he or she can log on and ask peers online for input.

Professional translation service companies can take this even a step further. Putting the dream team together for a given document translation project is one of the main responsibilities of every translation project manager, weighing expertise, geographic location, and area of specialization of each participant to create the perfect mix that ensures highest quality and shortest turnaround time. Each role – translator, editor, proofreader, sometimes also a DTP expert – needs to be assigned just right. Sometimes this has to happen in several languages for the same project. Sometimes there is client terminology that must be coordinated, not only among the members of each language team, but across all languages.

This is exactly where chat services come in extremely handy: Everyone can be in the same “room”, receiving directions from the project manager, discussing glossaries, and clarifying other linguistic or subject-matter related issues. The PM can monitor the exchange and assist with questions that need to go back to the client. Everything happens in real time, eliminating lengthy emails and the potential for misunderstandings or misinterpretations. Just like in an actual office, however, it is crucial to stay on topic and not to get too chatty in the translation project chat room – that’s what DM or private convos are for. The project manager keeps his or her teamsters in check and ensures that the discussion groups serve one objective only: to produce accurate, top of the line translations.