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Spartanburg Translation Services

ASTA-USA offers accredited, certified, professional Spartanburg translation services. We have been established since 1987 and are proud to be offering our swift and precise translation services to the business community of Spartanburg.

Our longevity is easily attributed to our guiding principles of unwavering dedication to client service, superb accuracy and speed. We will come on to those elements in more detail later, but first, here’s what we have discovered about the great city of Spartanburg.

‘There is only one Spartanburg.’ And it is easy to see why.

With an urban population of over 180,000, Spartanburg is a sizable city in South Carolina, and by population, it is the 12th largest city in the state. During the past ten years, major effort has been made by the authorities and development corporations to remodel and rejuvenate the city’s downtown business district. This has resulted in a good selection of large companies relocating downtown.

Some of the major businesses now in downtown Spartanburg include such major names as:

  • Smith Drug Company
  • Upward Sports
  • Advance America
  • Southern Conference
  • Denny’s Corporation

And outside the city but close by, manufacturing is big business too. In Greer, within Spartanburg County, the huge BMW manufacturing facility can be found, employing around 9,000 people and with 1,400 vehicles coming off the production line every day. Also, the textile and chemical manufacturer Milliken & Company has chosen to site its world headquarters in Spartanburg.

With so many large international companies in the city and its surrounds, having ASTA-USA provide Spartanburg translation services will be of significant benefit and value to the business community.

Spartanburg: wonderful for work, perfect for play

The diversity and vibrancy of Spartanburg, for a city of its size, is difficult to match. It is a seriously great place to live and visit. Long, hot summers; cool but mild winters, and access to a wealth of leisure facilities and things to do.

For lovers of the great outdoors, there are hiking and biking trails to follow. Cottonwood Trail Preserve is a great example set in 116 acres and four miles of trails. And it’s really close to the city, too. For culture, submerge in local artwork at the Arts Collective Spartanburg. And whether visitors want to try their hand at performance driving—including on a skidpan—or they just want to discover more about the Ultimate Driving Machine and its history, BMW operates tours and courses at their factory in nearby Greer.

How can providing Spartanburg translation services help a city like this?

Quite simply, by providing Spartanburg translation services, ASTA-USA removes the language barrier. If it is written, whether digitally or printed, we can translate it to or from any major language. Companies continually partner with us for translation services because of our accuracy, client service, and speed. Let us take those attributes in turn.


Every piece of work we translate is subject to an internal process, proprietary to ASTA-USA, called ExAct™. That means, we typically use native speaking translators in either the source or the target language, and they will be degree educated in the language in which they are not native. So, if a translation is being performed on a business document from English to German, the translator will be native speaking in either English or German. The next stage of ExAct, is to have the piece checked by an equally qualified linguist. The documents are then passed back to the original translator who will take in any amends or corrections.


From the moment you contact us, you will be assigned your own personal account manager. They are there to ensure your translation projects run smoothly and to answer any questions you might have.


Spartanburg translation services may start life in your city, but ASTA-USA has a global network of certified and accredited linguists, and we can often use time zones to speed up the process, especially on larger projects. When the original translator has completed their draft at the end of the day, the translated documents may be passed to another linguist where their day is just starting.

In these ways, and others, we bring Spartanburg translation services to businesses in the area most effectively.

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