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Corpus Christi Translation Services

ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. has been a leading provider of translation services in Corpus Christi, Texas, for 30 years. We are the go-to translation services agency in the USA for:

  • Businesses
  • Government organizations
  • NGOs
  • Medical translations
  • Legal translations
  • Personal clients

What can you expect when you come to ASTA-USA for translation services in Corpus Christi? Well, the highest quality translations, obviously.

They are checked and checked again before you even see your documents in the target languages. Because our translators are all native speakers – often based in their own country – they are up to date. They fully appreciate nuances of languages from territory to territory. And, more than that, our specialists are culturally aware, both commercially and socially.

So, in terms of the work, you can expect expert translation services, with every ounce of the original’s meaning meticulously preserved. Of course you’d expect that.

But, work with ASTA-USA, and you can also count on an unsurpassed level of service. Our turnaround is remarkably swift, even for multiple, weighty documents. Because of the sheer number of expert translators we have working with us, we can assign a specialist team quickly to get through the work rapidly but with no loss of quality. Contact us today for your free quote outlining our translation services in Corpus Christi.

What does Corpus Christi have to offer?

Where to start?! Head to the Texas State Aquarium to view an amazing array of sea life from the Caribbean and beyond. Observe the Shark Exhibit and get right up close to these amazing fish in action. There’s a 68-foot-long acrylic window – the widest in North America – so you can experience all the thrills of shark diving without even having to get the slightest bit wet. And, in the Coral Reef, you can virtually swim with the incredible fish of the Caribbean… Every color imaginable.

For flora, fauna and fun, make a trip to the South Texas Botanical Gardens. It’s packed with dynamic exhibits, education for children of all ages, and it’s a great place to walk your dog along the sidewalks and trails.

If you want the “hottest, coolest time” a visit to Schlitterbahn Riverpark & Resort is a must. Schlitterbahn is open year round and not just for summer. When you choose to visit is entirely up to you, but you’re guaranteed a great time as you splash, swim, sleep – and repeat.

Located on the coast, Corpus Christi is nicknamed “The Sparkling City By the Sea.”

Its neighborhoods include the following:

A corporate snapshot of Corpus Christi

The Port of Corpus Christi is the fifth largest in the United States and handles break bulk cargo, oil and gas, and dry cargo amongst other commodities.

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi employs 6,200 civilians which makes it the biggest employer in the region. Apart from that, Corpus Christi harbors the healthcare, banking and finance, and retail industries.

Corpus Christi welcomes newcomers and visitors alike. It’s a fantastic place to live, work, and have fun.

Where do people work in Corpus Christi?

Some of the largest employers in Corpus Christi are:

  • Naval Air Station Corpus Christi
  • Corpus Christi ISD
  • CHRISTUS Spohn Health Systems
  • Corpus Christi Army Depot
  • Bay, Ltd
  • Del Mar College
  • First Data Corporation

With so many tourists and new residents coming to the city each year, it’s vital that local companies have access to accurate document translation services in Irving. From park signs and brochures to patient paperwork, distribution contracts and technical manuals, accurate document translation is a must for growing companies.

Being able to communicate in languages other than English broadens your company’s reach, opens up a whole new market and potential business partners. It will help build lasting brand loyalty and attract talent and innovation from some of the world’s brightest minds.

How do our translation services in Corpus Christi work?

ASTA-USA is the top choice when looking for fast, accurate and reliable Irving translation services. Our accredited translators are prepared to translate into and from 70 languages. They’re native speakers of languages such as:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Mandarin
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Hawaiian

No language pairing is too rare for us to work with. We also translate for a variety of industries, such as business, legal, marketing, finance, government, education, science and research, technical and medical. Our wide offering of languages and industries makes us the preferred provider of translation services in Corpus Christi.

As native speakers, each of our translators have an innate understanding of the language and culture. This means that sentence structure and grammar aren’t lost in translation, colloquialisms are accurately relayed and nothing is deemed “untranslatable.”

In addition to their native knowledge, our linguists also possess an extensive education, at least 10 years of career experience and have been approved by organizations like The United Nations, The Institute of Linguists, the American Translators Association, La Société Française des Traducteurs, the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and the US National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators.

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