Grand Prairie TX Translation Services

Grand Prairie translation services

With its wide range of industries, businesses and organizations, ASTA-USA is proud to provide Grand Prairie translation services. Established in 1987, ASTA-USA has been supplying translation services across the United States and around the world for 34 years. Since our foundation, we have grown into a company of 700 permanent and full-time employees. And our network of some 12,300 tried and trusted contractors allows us to provide the most precise and rapid translation services possible.

Do you have an ongoing need for the translation of important written materials?

Whatever it is, if it is written, we can translate it—to or from any major language in the world. We can carry out, for example:

  • Sales collateral translations
  • Important contractual document translations
  • Website page or whole website translations
  • Interoffice communication translations
  • Procedural document translations
  • Technical manual translations
  • Medical document translations
  • Educational and training material translations

Of course, that list is far from exhaustive. You can contact us at any time to discuss your requirements and request a free and no-obligation quote. Our personal account service specialists are at your service and ready to assist.

How does ASTA-USA provide such rapid and accurate Grand Prairie translation services?

First of all, to provide Grand Prairie translation services, we use only the very best brains in the business. They are specialists. Professionals.

And then, typically, we will use a native speaker—this is so important for accuracy. Let us give you an example.

Imagine if you needed a document translated from English to Swiss French. (Not just French, Swiss French—there are dialectical differences.) The ideal translator would be born and educated in Geneva, Switzerland, has studied English to at least Bachelor’s degree level and now works as a linguist or translator in the United States.

But when you partner with ASTA-USA as your provider of Grand Prairie translation services, there is more. Such is our reach, such is the depth of our database, we can overlay the translator’s past professional experience. So, for example, now imagine that you need the same document translated, but the subject matter is information technology. And it is technical.

Your assigned account service specialist will find a translator native in Swiss French, qualified in English to an advanced level, AND who has professional experience in IT.

Why do we go to such trouble? Because we want you to have flawless translations fast. Whatever of the major languages of the world with which you deal, whatever industry or sector in which you deal, your translator will ‘hit the ground running’. Apart from an intimate and up-to-date knowledge of the language pair (clearly, that is essential), they will also be up to speed with the latest vernacular, the specific turns of phrase, the jargon, if you like,

ExAct™. Translation’s most exacting standard, only from ASTA-USA

ASTA-USA is widely regarded as the most reliable provider of Grand Prairie translation services. After matching a linguist expertly qualified in both source and target languages and furthermore with experience in your field of business or industry, ExAct™ comes into play. It is ASTA-USA’s proprietary safeguarding system. It is quality control. It helps us deliver translation perfection. Here is how it works:

Once a stage of the initial draft translation is complete, it is passed to another equally qualified linguist for checking. Even though the original draft translation will have been painstakingly prepared, minor edits are sometimes required. These are not usually errors, but moreso matters of opinion. Sometimes technical in light of the content; sometimes linguistic nuance.

The feedback is sent to the originator who will accept, reject or rework the changes.

We like to get to know the cities in which we operate

To offer Grand Prairie translation services effectively, we like to understand the kinds of businesses, companies, and organizations with which we are dealing. Some of the top employers in the city of Grand Prairie are:

  • Grand Prairie Independent School District
  • Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control
  • Poly-America, Inc.
  • Bell Helicopter-Textron
  • City of Grand Prairie
  • Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie
  • Vought Aircraft Industries
  • Republic National Distribution
  • Wal-Mart
  • Arnold Transportation Services

So, there is a healthy mix of service and manufacturing. Many of these organizations could benefit from Grand Prairie translation services if only to make import and export easier.

And outside of work? Grand Prairie abounds with things to do and see

Foodies can’t do better for an epicurean experience than the Asia Times Square and Hong Kong Market. It abounds with flavors of Asia. One of the largest Asian grocery stores in the Dallas Fort Worth Metropolitan area is here.

Golfers look no further. For a real feel of the Texas hills, the top-ranked Tangle Ridge Golf Course is just one of the many fine golf courses in the area.

And wait. Cricket? In Texas? Absolutely, old chap. The game that should have been invented in India but was accidentally invented by the English is alive and well here in Grand Prairie. You can find out more here. There’s also a useful video that explains what cricket actually is.

Grand Prairie translation services, by ASTA-USA. Contact us now for a free quote

For accuracy, reliability, speed and service, why not contact us now for a free quote. It costs absolutely nothing to find out more about how we offer superb Grand Prairie translation services.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to work with us!