We provide website translation services and your firm may benefit from this service

The benefits of website translation services for your firm.  Remember, clients come from all walks of life, backgrounds and nationalities.

As America’s population becomes more diverse, the legal community need to be able to serve people who speak different languages in order to expand their client base and grow their firm. Before choosing a legal representative, most, if not all, people research different firms online. This leads to the all-important question concerning website translation services: Is your website available in the languages your clients need?

A website in multiple languages is vital to the success of a growing law firm. Through the use of helpful websites, legal representatives are able to gain business in their city on a daily basis, but this opportunity is lost if your site cannot be translated into different languages. ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc., can help you translate your website and allow you to attract a greater variety of potential clients. Our native-speaking translators have experience in courtrooms around the world and can translate from or into 70 languages. In addition to website translation services, we also specialize in translation of written materials for a wide range of topics, including business, marketing, financial, science and research, patents, copyrights and more. Our innovative ExAct proofreading method ensures that you receive an error-free translation the first time you get your document back. We understand that time is a vital commodity and therefore the accurate translation of written legal documents is a must.

Website translation is something that not many law firms are taking advantage of. Even some of the top-ranked firms lack a translated site. Many list the languages offered and their international locations, but without the content of their services translated into each of those languages, potential clients won’t know what they have to offer and may keep searching. Having a translated legal website will put your firm ahead of your competitors and bring a more diverse clientele to your office.

As more people immigrate to new countries, making sure that your law firm has a welcoming and accommodating website is more important than ever. If clients can’t clearly understand the services you provide, it’s very unlikely that they will contact you or hire you. Catering to clients isn’t all about being flashy or boasting 20 world-wide locations, it’s about connecting with people. Making a personal connection, especially through language, establishes the trust that is necessary between a client and attorney.

Our career linguists can translate your website from English to Spanish, English to French, Mandarin to English, Swedish to Turkish and more. We value your clients and want them to have the highest quality experience when interacting with your company website. You’ll build a more loyal client base if you are able to translate your online written legal materials into their native language and show that you value not only their business, but their culture.

Legal Translation Solutions can help you be successful in this venture. Unlike other legal translation services companies, we employ accredited legal document translators all around the world, creating a virtual tag-team that can get the job done in as little time as possible. We eliminate the need and uncertainty of outsourcing your project to the lowest bidder (a process that many translation service companies use), and are therefore able to guarantee the strictest confidence for your legal documents. With nearly three decades in the translation services industry, we can provide you with quality, accuracy and timeliness that is unrivaled by other document translation companies.

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