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Bellingham Translation Services

With its plethora of manufacturing companies and innovative engineers in the city, ASTA-USA is pleased to provide Bellingham translation services.

ASTA-USA was established in 1987 to provide fast and accurate translation services. Today we are represented in every state across America and in countries around the world. We are offering Bellingham translation services to help its rapidly growing bed of manufacturing companies—and the support organizations that help them to thrive.

In and around Bellingham, out and about…

With its spectacular scenery, large parks and areas of open water, Bellingham is an ideal base for every outdoor enthusiast.

Up Electric Avenue, Whatcom Falls Park is perfect for biking and hiking. In the 1890s it was known as the “Picnic Ground” for obvious reasons. It is truly a ‘people’s park’. In 1908 when the landowners planned to sell the area for commercial gain, the people became philanthropists and purchased 40 acres. The City of Bellingham later gave the club their money back.

Larrabee State Park features picture postcard views, 8,100 feet of saltwater shoreline and is set over an impressive 2,748 acres. Campers are very welcome in designated areas. And there is transporting too! Both Amtrak and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad run as many as 16 trains a day.

Lastly for parkland and the ‘Great Outdoors’, Lake Whatcom affords visitors enviable views, a walk by the calm blue lake. There are marked hiking and biking trails with varying degrees of difficulty.

Back to the City of Bellingham: the city abounds with friendly restaurants and bars with their focused fixed firmly on providing only the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients. Many places say it, Bellingham restaurateurs actually do it. Staying with hospitality, there is a burgeoning appetite for craft beer with many of the bars and pubs staging special tasting events for locals and visitors. It is safe to say that, in Bellingham, you will go neither hungry nor thirsty.

For shopping, visitors can experience Bellingham’s quirky little boutique shops and find all manner of nick-nacks and fancy goods—as well as all the High Street names that one would expect.

Why ASTA-USA’s Bellingham translation services are good for Bellingham businesses

What you can you expect when you entrust your important materials for translation to ASTA-USA?

An obsessive dedication to flawless accuracy in our translations

Like the manufacturing and other companies in Bellingham, we do not just strive for accuracy and precision of our translated materials, we achieve it. Consistently, time after time. We are able to do this thanks to an in-house set of procedures we have called ExAct™. What ExAct means for you and your company is this:

Typically, the translator or team of translators we use to convert your written materials into another language will be native-speaking in either the source or target language and degree-educated in the other. That means the individuals working on your translation projects are in constant contact with their ‘home’ language and fully familiar with modern turns of phrase.

More than that, at ASTA-USA we employ 700 full-time and permanent staff and over 12,300 certified contractors. With that reach, not only are we able to match linguists to the source and target language your projects require (that much is obvious). But, wherever possible, we will assign translators who have professional experience in your area of business: engineering, design, machining or manufacturing, for example. In this way, your hand-selected translators will already be familiar with your industry’s vernacular or, dare we say it ‘jargon’, in both the source and target languages. So if your important material needs translating from English to Spanish, your linguist will already be aware of what a Spanish person would actually write in the particular circumstances.

As if that were not enough, every translation—as part of the ExAct process—is double-checked by another, equally qualified translator. It is then handed back to the original linguist who checks and implements any corrections or amendments.

Timeliness of service

Our Bellingham translation services are streamlined to perfection. This is to the point that, where possible, we even make time zones work in our favor. If we can, we will arrange that the checking part of your translation service will take place outside of our normal office hours so it is with the originator again by the next business morning for final preparation.

Bellingham translation services with client satisfaction guaranteed

Contact us about your translation requirements, and you will be in expert hands right from the start. Within minutes of receiving your inquiry, your assigned account manager will be ready to assist you and help with any questions or requests that you have.

A snapshot of manufacturing businesses in Bellingham

Bellingham’s manufacturing output grew 10% between 2014 and 2018, with no sign of slowing at this time

Larger companies such as Tidal Vision (which converts marine equipment into eco-friendly machines for water treatment, for example) is reported to be heading for expansion

There are many other smaller businesses in Bellingham that manufacture everything from saw blades to remanufactured engines, performance brakes to anchor chain

According to Bestplace, future job growth in Bellingham is forecast to be 41.7% compared to the national American average of 33.5%.

Manufacturing is the second-biggest employment sector in Bellingham, after retail.

By providing Bellingham translation services, ASTA-USA aims to help with import and export, and other aspects of international communication that are important to the business community.

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