World Trade Week and Legal Translation Services

With the business community focused on world trade, it’s vital to highlight the importance of accurate legal translation services. Legal Translation Solutions provides error-free legal translations by native-speaking translators with over a decade of experience. Their understanding of culture and grammar allows them to accurately translate thoughts and ideas that technology-driven translations always miss.

Every year, the President of the United States declares the third week in May World Trade Week. This entire month is dedicated to highlighting the importance of international trade and all that goes with it. During this week, more than 40 New York organizations came together and combined their business acumen to promote international trade and its benefits on the U.S. economy.

As noted in last week’s ASTA-USA Legal blog post, international trade helps keep America’s economy growing and thriving. Through detailed legal contracts and agreements, international good will is established, our national GDP grows, and local jobs are created across the country.

What’s great about this week’s NYC events is the fact that they are celebrating everyone’s contribution to the success of international trade, from the small business owner to the large corporation. This week’s events gave businesses the rare opportunity to celebrate each other’s achievements and growth, as well as brainstorm about upcoming strategies and successes through roundtable discussions, lectures and a special awards breakfast. These business men and women even invest in the future by providing scholarships to undergraduate students of international business. It’s no wonder that so many great talents were recognized and awarded. Visit this website for a complete list of this year’s honorees.

In order to get to this point, each of these companies has to have strong, solid legal contracts with their international business partners. These legal documents need to be translated into a variety of languages, a field in which ASTA-USA Legal dominates the competition. We understand how each thought, word and nuance is important in your company’s legal documents. Our accredited human translators leave nothing to chance or technology; they are native speakers and have over a decade of professional legal translating experience under their belt. Our unique, fail-proof system gives your company 100% accuracy every time, while meeting your specified timeline. Our main goal is to help your company grow and succeed on the international market by supplying you with accurate, on-time legal translations.

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