Document Translation Services: Global Investment Banking

One of the most respected global investment banking firms needed a dozen different presentations translated from English into Simplified Chinese. Their existing translation services provider had already spent three months on the project and the output was still inadequate. Formatting errors. Basic grammatical mistakes. Other inaccuracies. In short, the materials were not fit for use and something had to be done and time was running out.

High-level investment and legal executives were on their way to China for a meeting with Chinese government officials, heads of China’s largest pharmaceutical companies’ executives, and international investment experts… Their reputation was on the line.

They try other translation services companies but there’s one big problem: Time. These presentations must, without fail, be in the hands of the Investment Banking business managers in two-and-a-half days. They must be done. They must be done right. They must be done on time.

Eventually, the Investment Bankers found ASTA-USA; a translation service they could bank on. The inquiry came to us at 19:00HRS on a Monday. By 21:30HRS the same evening, we had signed the confidentiality agreement and the contract, and assembled a team of translators who were fluent in English and Simplified Chinese and financial services. By Wednesday afternoon the same week, everything was done. Done right. And done on time.

The translated materials were delivered to the group of senior Investment Banking executives arriving from various countries as they converged on China, and presented to Chinese government officials, pharmaceutical executives and investment professionals. Everything and everybody were received extremely well.