International Law Firm
ASTA-USA is one of the leading English to Japanese translation services companies. Read how we assisted an international law firm within a tight timeframe. ASTA-USA

A world leading law firm (representing a high-profile entertainment organization) are faced with a challenge that can only be solved by ASTA-USA.

International Law Firm Translation Case Study


This unique case involves one of America’s largest law firms with offices across the United States and with offices in several other countries.


Over the past eight years, ABC attorneys and legal assistants from numerous ABC offices have sought the help of ASTA-USA for assistance in the translation of critical legal materials in the course of various urgent legal engagements.


ABC and its client (a high-profile international entertainment organization) have a very important meeting in 24 hours that will require some critical materials be translated from English into Cambodian. Most translation providers do not have qualified “Legal” Cambodian translators on staff.

— ABC needs the work completed by 13:00 the next day.

— Based on content and volume, this type of translation work would require approximately 6 business days to be completed correctly and accurately.

— Initial contact from client was 11:19am (via phone)

By 11:42am ASTA-USA has a team of six professional English to Cambodian professionals ready to begin work, all well versed in legal, cultural and language issues.


The entire project was delivered six hours ahead of schedule and the translation was well received, impressing both ABC and their client.

And this is what our contact at ABC had to say in an email to us:

You replied the quickest and had a great turnaround and price. The other vendors wanted to know who referred me, etc. I didn’t have time for that! I am only using you from now on. Lifesaver! … I just circulated your information to all secretaries/paralegals in the Atlanta office.”

We like getting emails like that.